Napier or bust!

Leaving Waiotapu, I decided to take the road through the mountains of the Huiarau Range, past Lake Waikaremoana. All was easy until shortly after Te Wahiti. When I stopped for a coffee, 3 hours later at Aniwaniwa, the lovely Maori lady’s comment said it all. “You came over in that?” pointing at the camper. “That’s good eh!” Big smile! I pressed… Continue reading Napier or bust!

The Pig Hunt

Culling the local wild pigs (boars only are targeted to keep the population down) is a Hunt, with dogs in the old tradition of land and animal management although you may not like the images, it’s part and parcel of the way of life on the Coromandel Peninsula, and is indeed a big family Sunday day out… Continue reading The Pig Hunt