Red Nets – A Keralan Christmas

Tuk-tuk fish delivery!


A 350 Bullet having been procured, I rode from Kochi down to Varkala as my reintroduction to India.


Dust, fumes, scorching sun and thick-thick traffic meant I completed the measly 240km in over 6 hours. I arrived in Varkala absolutely filthy, gagging for a cold beer and a shower (in that order). Meeting up with Losang, J.P. and Ben, my sister and my nephews , was great after all this time on my own. I looked forward to a chilled out Christmas with them and the added joy of knowing that Tilly, my daughter, was joining me/us on 27th. The five of us would then celebrate New Year together, Los and the boys heading up to Goa and Tilly and I  intrepidly venturing forth on the trusty Royal Enfield to Fort Kochi. We’d dump the bike back there and head off through India on busses, trains and planes…….a few more motorbikes being used along the way. Distances here are vast and some overnight traveling seems like a good plan.

Local fruit and veg.


First up was exploring some of the local fishing fleets and the fisherman up and down the coast from our base in Varkala.





It took me a while to relax and re-join the human race and get used to the changes in food and culture. Varkala is seriously touristy on the coast itself and before long I felt the need to grab the trusty Sony, hop on the bike and get out in search out the local people, food and culture and to fully embrace the noises, colours and smells that make India so challenging and such a special place. Deep breaths and eyes open wide…….



Coast-road Bullet to Fort Kochi ……gas-mask on!……..PARP< PARP< PARP!


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