Da-Lat… city of flowers

Well! it may be flowery but I had a mixed impression of Da Lat. Great night market and a nice place to stay, but I’m itching to get a good few days tripping the motorbike fantastic in the highlands towards Buon Ma thuot.


I bite a bullet and decide to go with a guide – supposedly to make the most of it. Short version – the most depressing individual I’ve ever met. He thought all things un-modern were ugly and refused to have much to do with my quest. According to him, all/most (local?) Vietnamese are dog-munching, thieving, lying, ex-commie toerags.

I beg to differ! But try as I may he couldn’t see the beauty that I was seeing and so we almost ignored each other. Quite difficult sitting on the back of a (Oh my god so slow!) 135  Honda DreamNightmare).

Anyway – I said Stop here!, Stop there! and found a journey

 Through coffee-land, an extraordinary temple and some lovely people along the way.

Enough wingeing Ewan – Where’s the fucking pics eh. It’s a photoblog – innit?

TEMPLE – and some street food

COFFEE COFFEE – EVERYWHERE! really every inch of space seems to be covered with it – either still growing or plucked and drying. The heavenly smell!


An overnight homestay at a lake and a few morning views, and workers in a local silk factory.

Buffalumps! both colours…


And it wouldn’t be right, without a couple of pesky urchins! Two sisters. The older one was very shy and I had to try all the tricks in the book to catch her beaming!DSC02396rwDSC02398rw

Back to Cambodia ladies and gents for the next instalment……….


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