White-Knuckle Tours Presents – Ha Giang Province – Vietnam

Well, the tour is over and sadly Mr Sparrows has gone back to Blighty.

Seven days spent on two 150cc trials bikes in the amazing countryside between Ha Giang and Dong Van in the far north of Vietnam. Despite some spectacularly shitty weather in the first few days (4 degrees and cold rain) we ventured forth in true explorer fashion. The last two days paid off handsomely with some actual sun for our return leg. By now we were well used to the bikes and an exceedingly good craic was had!! Check out these roads bike-fans!


This scenery is so vast and ever-changing, as the roads are so phenomenally up-and-down wiggly that plenty of stopping and snapping took place. I hope you enjoy the set of photos. I certainly enjoyed taking them and generally hooning around with Andy. Top trumps my good man! Let’s get next years ‘White-Knuckle-Tour’ organised soon!


We of course were really luck in the people that we met – Great guys and galls from Hanoi nd the Vietnamese TV Channel 2, brilliant food, spectacularly good coffee and the fabulous Flower Festival meant we were never bored and as another added bonus a great Sunday market in Dong Van ( next blog).



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