Captain of the Steampunk Enterprise.


After fleeing from Invershitesville ….I slowly worked my way up the coast looking for …..something. Moeraki boulders? Tourist stop! I have to say that the 2 hr walk up the beach was more interesting, but once there I was determined to try and make them look a bit intriguing. Don’t be fooled though and, my advice, don’t bother. There’s more interesting things to come (for fucking sure! French!- I’m allowed to talk this way because I’m officially sick and have the drugs to prove it).

blimey…moving swiftly on and entering Victorianaland – Oamaru. Couoldn’t be bothered with all the old building stuff, much but Steampunk HQ was a totally unexpected bit of  fun.

I bumped into Jono and Elise at the Brewery that night and arranged to go out and see them on Sunday at Ngapara. They’re building their dream – from scratch – on a little plot there. True pioneers with their own ‘NEW HORIZON’ – Lovely…Good luck new chums!


Trucking on, after a van-launching few mugs of cider, they suggested checking out the Elephant Rocks –  No touristy mentions anywhere but they were on my way. Eyes peeled…..and BEHOLD….my inner pigeon lead me straight there!

What a landscape!!!!!!  (and extremely attractive coo-beasties)

Onwards to Mt Cook….

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