Doubtful about Milford, but Sound.

I’m coming down with some sort of hideous kiwi bug so I’m laying low and banging this one out quickly, so excuse the lack of anything that it’s lacking in. I feel like shit! I’m now all seriously drugged up and will head on soon, I hope.

Great weather for my overnight trip to Doubtful Sound and nice flat waters in the morning. Just what I was hoping for. The Sound of Silence, it is indeed.

Met a gorgeous couple from Sao Paolo and hope we can keep in touch (Daniel and Juliana – I hope the rest of your trip is brilliant.

The weather turned nasty as I got to Milford Sound but a very entertaining drive through huge open plains ,in the sun, before reaching the mountains and the pass up and through the tunnel.


I’m glad I went on the cruise although there wasn’t much to photograph as the clouds were right down over the mountains. The rain overnight did mean gushing waterfalls though and one random shot of the hillside!

I’m in Invercargill now (dull as ditch water). One highlight is 10km long Orita Beach – great fun driving the van down that at sunset and making lots of doughnuts on the way.

There’s a few good motor museums, which passed the day away.



2 thoughts on “Doubtful about Milford, but Sound.

  1. Hi Ewan!
    Our trip was really nice!
    But your trip has been amazing!! What a nice place Cambodia seems to be!
    Great, great photos!

    Really hope we can keep in touch!!! The few moments we’ve been together were very special!
    Warm regards!
    Daniel & Juliana


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