Hokitika, Okarito and 3144 Glaciers

Firstly. Happy birthday to two of my daughters Honor (16….on – 31st Aug) and Matilda (21….. on 1st Sept) sort of today here for both. Cool!

I’m sad I’m not there in person but here’s a blog in your names. Love hugs and kisses! Big ones for Hedy too, whose 18th was on 8th Aug.


My Oh My…. what an amazing last few days. A journeying down further south, I took a long detour to check out the glacial pools at Hokitika Gorge and the grey receded like an old dream.  I’m not going to rabbit on but, a quick thing……….as I get closer to the glaciers the water becomes more filled with sediment which reflects light in a very special way – as you will now see!!!!

Fear not…….Zen-boy is back after Greyland.


Moving on though. I had heard there was a wicked beach, where I could freedom camp, at a place called Okarito, just outside Franz Josef. A great view of the three major glaciers, Franz Josef, Mt Cook and Fox, I was told. The weather cleared for the first time in weeks so the spirit-guides be praised. What a sight, for my sore eyes, and well set up for getting  a bit of a glacier experience in the next morning.


A mad dash to Franz airport (tiny) as there’s a bargain trip on a, nearly empty, flight. Only three people so we have 2 seats each (left and right) Top Trumps! I’ve learnt that there are 3144 glaciers here and I think I saw just about all of them from that tiny plane. Here’s the pick of the pics. Its so difficult to get a sense of the scale of this place in a photograph, but I had fun trying.

   Socks about to be blown straight off.

Bonus material on the way up and back down over the meltwater rivulets.


After that magical hour I wandered in to town and decided a bit of Glacier treking up on Franz Josef was in order. The weather was better than it’s been for years apparently…… so ….GET IN! (the helicopter)



I’m off for a hut tub. Thermal/Glacial springs of course.

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