Pass to Peace

After a great time in Abel Tasman I’m feeling the need to see some mountains and some snow. That’s what the south Island’s all about, right?  As I’ve just found out the road to Kaikoura is now open again after the earthquake back in November 2016, I’m heading there. Through Hanmer Springs and the Lewis Pass should do the trick.

Blimey,it’s difficult keeping your eye on the road and trying to look for photo opportunities. Needless to say, I stopped shit-loads of times, yet felt somehow dissatisfied with the results. It just didn’t capture the view and the colours, especially the glacial water in the rivers. I’ll try harder to get to grips with this.

A brief night in Hanmer Springs and an early morning refresher out on the mountain bike. I actually found the trail quite easy to follow, being the ‘human compass’ that I am (sadly), I then found I had to loop the final carpark three times to find my way back to the road. Ho Hum – status Quo, back to normal!

Kaikoura it is…. Before I go any further and to explain the following pictures. I found an incredible sense of calm and peace at Kaikoura, despite some strange goings on and the hubbub with all the road crews and the repair works. It has made me look at a different type of image all together. Ones which I hope you like, as much as I do. I still have a weird calm (thankfully) although the general trials and tribulations along with the joys of solo travel continue on…. I’ll post the general pics from here first…Another successful fishing trip also has the larder stocked with blue cod and Sea Perch, a type of scorpionfish I think?

Serenity, Space, Peace.

and a shopping trolley… brilliant!



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